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Angelina Giovannini

Communications Associate

For the past 15 years Angie has been helping organizations locally and globally to solve their problems and reach their full potential. She has launched and supported new initiatives for companies like EA Sports, Pixar, Google, and the US Navy SEALs, and created strategic content for the founders of Lyft, Airbnb, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp, among others. Her work has taken her from Algeria to Hong Kong, but as much as she loves the energy of big business, her heart beats for the non-profits that she has helped grow like the San Diego Food Bank, Balboa Park, and the Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Angie founded Outside Brands, a consulting company that holistically approaches marketing and communications. She helps her clients engender trust and loyalty with their community while creating interest among new audiences and customers. At Outside Brands they apply unconventional thought with intentional movement to achieve exceptional growth, with the underlying philosophy that we have to uncover and unleash our wild side to find the real secrets to success.

She graduated cum laude from UCLA and got her M.B.A. from SDSU.

Favorite Quote: “Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our true potential.” – Jane Goodall

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